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About the company

“BRADERS SECURITY GROUP” Ltd. was founded in 1991 in Plovdiv. In the middle of 2018, the company changed ownership and invested significant funds in replacing the material and technical base, hardware and software, changing the portfolio of services and improving the qualification and competence of management and executive staff.
In the implementation of our activities, we strive for precision and professional fulfillment of contractual obligations, being trustworthy and dependable to our partners, for branch scope of the protected places, for a complex combination of physical and technical security, for a structural possibility to undertake protection of any property or building, regardless of the location of the populated place, anywhere on the territory of the country. Today, BSG provides security activities throughout the entire country country and is one of the leading companies in the city of Plovdiv.
BSG has an integrated management system in accordance with ISO 9001:2015, OHSMS 18001:2007 and ISO/IEC 27001:2017 standards with the scope of “Round-the-clock security of the person and property of citizens, buildings, premises and business sites, security with signaling and alarm equipment, physical security and video surveillance”.

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Our Mission

Our vision
BSG offers and develops a full range and complex of services adequate to the needs of the Client. Our goal is to provide the best and most effective solutions according to the specific needs of the Client.
Our Mission
  • is to anticipate and meet the needs of our Customers;
  • is to continuously improve the quality of our services;
  • is to be the preferred business partner of our Clients;
  • is to encourage our employees to achieve meaningful results.
  • to satisfy the requirements and expectations of our Customers;
  • to provide high quality services;
  • to meet the needs of the Clients, by using innovative and modern technical innovations;
  • to maintain mutually beneficial and trustworthy relationships with our Suppliers and Partners;
  • to satisfy the wishes of all interested parties – customers, staff, shareholders, partners;
  • to expand the market share in the field of security services;
  • to conduct systematic training of the staff in order to increase their qualifications and motivation for the work being done;
  • to develop and improve the individual abilities and skills of employees;
  • to effectively use available resources;

Our Clients

This website was created under project BG-RRP-3.005-1146-C01 “Solutions in the field of information and communication technologies and cyber security in small and medium-sized enterprises”, implemented by BROTHERS SECURITY GROUP EOOD and with the financial support of the Recovery and Sustainability Mechanism under the economic transformation program to the “Intelligent Industry” component of the National Recovery and Sustainability Plan.